How To Become a *Better* Freelancer

I’ve been freelancing for over a year now and I’ve learned lots of things from the challenges I’ve experienced as an independent freelancer. It’s no cakewalk and there’s no easy-money here if that’s what you’re expecting. Freelancing means you work for yourself, and this requires carrying out some difficult task on your own. It also demands high-level of good judgment on how to properly use your time, accept proper gigs, and find good paying clients. In this article, I would be handing out useful tips to becoming a better freelancer.

1. Ensure you use a contract on all your projects

A lot of freelancers overlook the need for a contract, thinking it is not necessary for small jobs. This is a wrong perception. It is advisable for a freelancer to have a general agreement covering basic details of each project. This will help protect you and most importantly give your client an idea of the kind of work to expect.

2. Always demand an upfront part-payment

Getting paid on time is often an issue in the freelance work. To avoid this pitfall and guarantee 100% money for your effort, you should always demand that you receive an upfront payment. Ideally, 50%-25% of the agreed fee before you start working on the job.

3. Advertise the job you are interested in

This is in continuation of the previous tip, however, its importance cannot be overemphasized. It is always good practice to fill your freelance portfolio with jobs you are interested in taking on. Let your prospective clients know you have a niche and the right skill set for the job.

4. Concentrate on one niche

It is always good practice to focus on your brand identity and create a niche for yourself. Once your clientele has an idea about the type of projects you embark on, it would make your job a whole lot easier.

5. Don’t be scared to turn people down

This could be a difficult situation to find yourself because you generally do not want to disappoint people. There are situations in which no matter how hard you try you would find yourself disappointing people, in order to avoid such scenarios it is better you turn down the job at the initial stage.

6. Transparency is essential

This should be one of the core values of your freelance business. As you are what your business stands for. It is always good to be transparent in all your dealings, this would go a long way in instilling customer trust and confidence.

7. Do a lot of writing

To be a good freelancer it is essential you do a lot of writing, whether you are a good writer or not, writing is the path to becoming a very popular freelancer and putting yourself out there.

8. Focus on the present

Do not overwhelm yourself thinking about the end game. It is essential your mind is focused on what really matters now. As you would only arrive at your destination if you do all you have to do now.

Creating a daily list of small task you need to accomplish and endeavor to get them done. Overtime time you would find yourself getting closer to your goal.

9. Know the figures involved

Freelancing is a business and as such, it should be treated like one. You need to know the figures involved in the business. These include; your revenue, site traffic, link conversion rate and whole other stuff.

10. Divide your earnings for taxes and savings

If you intend on taking the freelancing job seriously, then you would need to split your earnings accordingly. For every dollar you make a certain percentage needs to go for the business, business tax, personal savings and living expenses.


Over time, I sort of wished I had such information about freelancing before I delved into it. However, since I began to put some of these tips into practice, I have recorded enormous growth in my freelance business. I hope you do too, all the best!

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