Top 4 Social Media Tips for Smart Networking

Through the years social media has developed into an extraordinarily effective channel to promote businesses and create awareness for various brands. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become essential platforms for ensuring success and growth in many businesses. Although there are lots of benefits to using social media, not many people are truly maximizing it. In this piece, I will be showing tips on how to properly use social media for networking.

1. Be Genuine, Be You

This, in my opinion, is the most significant first step to starting your networking campaign. Anyone can create a social media account and start connecting with other people BUT the real challenge lies in building an account that attracts people and generates trust. People connect more easily with honest and intelligent people/brand online. Frauds or anonymous accounts are often not regarded with as much attention than a real person’s account. When networking online the best thing to do is “be yourself”. Authenticity is the key to successful branding.

2. Stay Active

Being constantly active on your social media pages comes with its own rewards. Just like in the classroom where the most proactive student often gets the teacher’s attention – being active on social means getting more attention from your potential leads or customers.

Activeness is not simply being online though. To ensure your activeness is meaningful you have to post content that’s relevant to your brand and useful to your followers. Before posting anything online ask yourself (1) if your content is helpful to your followers, (2) if it will elicit any response that will result in getting your brand noticed.

With so many competitors vying for your potential customer’s attention, it can be hard to get your brand out there. That’s why it helps so much to maintain a certain level of consistency on your social media account. For you to network properly means you are looking to attract the right kind of crowd. Consistency in approach would enable you to reach your desired goal a lot faster. And for that staying active and establishing yourself as a trusted source will help your brand over time.

3. Manage Time Wisely

Be smart about how you use your time online. Otherwise, you’ll waste hours clicking hearts over cute puppy photos. To get the best out of social media, you should have a scheduled plan.

First, you got to have a goal: And since we’re talking about networking here, your number one objective is to build your community. When it comes to building a following, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the top choices.

Second, you got to strategize when to post:  Smart marketers know what time of the day is best for posting. What time of the day will you gain more views? Social media sites like Facebook get millions of posts daily, so in order not to get lost in a million posts, you must ensure your posts are well timed to gain maximum traction.

And lastly, make sure you use tools to maximize your productivity: Apps like Buffer, Social Clout, and  Edgar make posting on social media more organized and easier.

4. Engage with your followers

It isn’t just enough to post exciting, meaningful, and relevant content. Smart networking involves engaging with your followers. It’s the quickest way to win your customer’s hearts and build your brand. Engaging is very easy to do but can take up your time if you don’t know how to use proper tools. There are many ways to engage actively with your followers:

  • replying to their comments
  • Tagging people to your posts
  • Sharing content/videos
  • holding contests/games
  • Following up on feedback

I hope the tips above have helped you plan a successful social media marketing campaign. I would love to learn from you. What other tips can you suggest? Which of these tips work best for you?

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