Articles for Milennial Magazine

This is How You Should Drink Your Coffee According to Science

Coffee is fuel for millennials. It is our go-to drink when we want to stay alert, energized, and on our toes throughout the day. That’s why it’s no surprise that our favorite drink remains the most widely consumed caffeinated drink on the planet. With more than 2.25 billion cups consumed per day, coffee remains in demand today and possibly more in the future.But did you know that many people are drinking it wrong? Listed below are ways we undermine the many benefits of drinking a good cup of joe. (Read Full Article) 

7 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Need a College Degree

Decades ago a four-year college degree was all you needed to secure good high paying jobs. Those who went to college had everything laid out to them after graduation. A fancy diploma, fat paycheck, great career. Life was easy, for those who had the money for education.But, times have changed. This isn’t how the world works anymore. There are lots of things you can now learn by yourself, outside of the classroom, without having to pay for that expensive college program. Before you seek out your diploma, consider these high-paying jobs that don’t need a college degree. (Read Full Article

Stop Believing These Productivity Myths

Many people believe that productivity can be influenced by our mindsets. And that our attitudes while working can, in fact, change our pace and performance. But like creativity, you can’t just turn productivity on like a faucet. There’s no switch — no magic pill that can keep you in the zone all day long.And what’s more, productivity strategies that are being shared by “productivity gurus” all over the internet may actually be doing more harm than good. Let’s debunk some of the most shared but dangerous productivity myths, shall we? (Read Full Article)

Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction with These Self-Help Tips

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is never easy. Just like many other addictions, it takes a lot of time for addicts to recover and return to their normal healthy states. The good news is: it’s a very treatable ordeal. In fact, there are a number of recovery therapies combined with medication that can help patients overcome addiction. Most of these therapies will require a professional to assist you during your rehabilitation. You will also need support from family, friends, and relatives so make sure you have them close. However, the most important part of your recovery is the psychological part – your own desire to help yourself. Have no idea what to do or where to start? We’ve listed important self-care tips to help yourself overcome drug and alcohol addiction and increase the chances of full recovery. (Read Full Article)

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