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How To Manage Horrible Bosses

Is your work life becoming a nightmare because of your boss? Do you feel uninspired, undervalued, and helpless? You could be one in the millions of employees currently suffering under the weak leadership of a terrible boss. Clearly, having a bad manager can have a huge impact both on employee productivity and engagement. However, quitting isn’t always the only option. If you like your team, the company, and the work you do, then stand up. Don’t stew in silence. Before you file that resignation letter, here are ways to manage different horrible bosses….(Read Full Article

10 Jobs That Will and Won’t Be Replaced by AI

Does the thought of robots taking over your source of income frighten you? What will happen to our society if Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more efficient and smarter than us? While some people think we’ll become better at our jobs with the help of AI, others believe that AI replacing our jobs could lead to a global crisis which we won’t be ready to solve. In this article, I list ten jobs that (most likely!) will *and *won’t be replaced by AI… (Read Full Article)

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