Here are some writings I’ve done for blogs, news sites, and magazines online.

Work, Productivity, and Freelancing


7 Tips to Transform Boredom Intro Productivity – YFSMagazine

Freelance Beginner Tips: Pitfalls To Avoid – Hongkiat

Is Your Workflow Stifling or Unleashing Your Productivity – Get Response

How To Beat Work Stress To Become Twice More Productive – Lifehack

The Open Office Layout is Still Bad for Business and Workers – Tweak Your Biz

7 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Need a College Degree – MilennialMagazine

Stop Believing These Productivity Myths – MilennialMagazine

7 Signs of Overworking (And What To Do About Them) –

9 Tips To Overcome Stress for Freelancers –

5 Best Paying Jobs for People with Investigative Personality – Lifehack

5 Powerful Excel Functions That Will Inspire You To Work – Lifehack


10 Awesome Job Perks That Attract Millennials – Lifehack

Millennials and Their Spending Habits: How It’s Shaping The World – Lifehack

Millennials are Taking Over the Workforce, 9 Ways To Retain Them – YFS Magazine


3 Secrets to Writing Articles from the Heart – Pick the Brain

Why You Need Good Writing Skills to Survive College – Dumb Little Man

6 Ways To Beat Roadblocks that Affect Creativity – Success Consciousness

Relationships and Life

7 Life Changing Lessons You’ll Learn On Your Journey to Self-Development – Everyday Power Blog

5 Ways To Challenge Your Inner Critic – Life Optimizer

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Establish Genuine Relationships  – Wealthy Gorilla

A New Way of Living: 5 Benefits of a Minimalistic Life – Daily Positive

6 Good Predictors of Marital Happiness – Lifehack

Still in School? Here’s Your Grad School Survival Guide – Millennial Magazine

Business and Entrepreneurship 

Hiring a Business Coach is a No Brainer – YFS Magazine

5 Entrepreneurial Skills That Foster a Culture of Accountability – Get Response

8 Small Changes To Your Habits That Will Instantly Enhance Productivity – Small Business Bonfire

Stop Chasing Trends: 5 Tips in Generating Exceptional Business Ideas  – Tweak Your Biz

5 Tips to Grow Your Business Online – Natural News

9 Creative Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur Artist – Lifehack


6 Smart Ways To Grow Your E-commerce Business – YFS Magazine

How To Use Ecommerce Software To Grow Your Online Business – Get Response

5 Ecommerce Innovations to Boost Your Sales – Get Response

Designing the Perfect Ecommerce Checkout Page – Template Monster

8 Ecommerce Shipping Tips To Keep Customers Happy This Holiday Season – Tweak Your Biz

Here’s how to choose a website builder for your e-commerce business – TechinAsia

E-commerce success: what to consider before choosing the best website builder – Tweak Your Biz

Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Web Hosting Service – Natural News

Web Design and Web Development

9 Ways To Know If You Hired a Brilliant Designer – My Template Storage

The Truth About Good Design – What To Consider in 2017? – Web Hosting Media

6 Simple Tips To Build a Successful Freelance Website –

7 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Website and Increase Traffic – Lifehack


7  Useful Apps for Movie Lovers  – Lifehack

9 Creative Puzzle Games That Make You Smarter – Lifehack

How To Secure Your Computer from Identity Theft – Hongkiat

6 Things To Remember When You’re Shopping Online – Lifehack

10 Kid-Friendly Websites That Combine Fun and Learning –

Are Bluetooth Headphones Safe? – Natural News


What Every Marketer Can Learn from the Gaming Industry  – YFSMagazine


This is How You Should Drink Your Coffee According to Science – Millennial Magazine

6 Amazing Health Benefits of a High Fiber Diet – Lifehack

9 Easy Beauty Hacks Using Coconut Oil – Lifehack

5 Effective Natural Remedies for Skin Tags – Lifehack

Science Says Moderate Exercise can Cure Depression – Lifehack

5 Mindsets You Need To Give Up To Look and Feel Healthy – Everyday Power Blog

9 Healthy Foods to Soothe Your Sore Muscles – Lifehack

4 Ways To Overcome Food Addiction – Health Host

Why You Should Be Biking To Work Every Day – Natural News

A Mouthful of Germs: 7 Ways You Are Getting Oral Bacteria – Lifehack

5 Best Superfoods To Fix Your Hormonal Imbalance – Calorie Bee

Braving the Dentist: 5 Easy Ways To Overcome Your Dental Fears – Health Host

Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction with These Self-Help Tips – Millennial Magazine


10 Amazing Countries in Africa Every Tourist Should Visit – Lifehack

7 Legitimate Reasons To Stop Owning a Car – Wealthy Gorilla


Pet Insurance Could Be The Next Top Employee Benefit – Millennial Magazine

10 Smart Trackers for Pet Owners – Hongkiat

Here’s Why We Should Rethink Bringing Our Pets To Work –

5 Smart Ways To Save on Pet Care – Health Host

English Bulldogs: Call for Help for the Dying Breed – Health Host

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Dog’s Breed –

6 Simple Ways You Can Add Years To Your Dog’s Life –

Top 6 Natural Home Remedies for Dogs –

How Inbreeding Caused Health Problems in English Bulldogs – Natural News

Real Estate/ Home Improvement

5 Best Websites for Your House Hunting Project – Lifehack

7 Splendid Reasons To Have Indoor Plants in Your Home and Office – Lifehack

Green Moving Tips : How To Be Eco-Conscious on Your Moving Day – Lifehack

How To Remove Different Kinds of Carpet Stains – Lifehack

How To Create a Functional Home Office That Will Inspire You To Work –

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